Puretron T300 Hydrogen-Rich Inline Water Filter High Alkaline
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Puretron T300 Hydrogen-Rich Inline Water Filter High Alkaline

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The Puretron T300 Hydrogen-Rich Inline Water Filter is the 4th stage of the FSA 7 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System and should be replaced every 12 months or so. However, this inline water filter is built to a common standard and will fit other Reverse Osmosis water filtration systems that uses a 10"x 2.5" filter size. It is designed to to fit in the first position after the reverse osmosis membrane. An inline carbon filter is then recommended after the Puretron T300 to neatralise taste.

Made up of sub-nanometre sized minerals, including pure magnesium, it is only one of a few alkalising filters in the world that can raise and maintain a consistent pH between 8.5 - 9.5 for a 12 month period and potentially longer.

The added bonus of this unique filter is that it produces hydrogen-rich water.

This water filter cartridge takes the place of the previous GT6-0 XtreaMn Alkaline cartridge.

For further advice on choosing the best filter application for your situation please call 1300 888 008 (Filter Systems Australia).


Not for use on microbiologically unsafe water without prior disinfection.

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