Amazing Oils Organic Magnesium Oil Refill Bottle 1L
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Amazing Oils Organic Magnesium Oil Refill Bottle 1L

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Amazing Oils Magnesium Oil is an all-natural brine (salt solution) made from pure, 100% organic Australian Magnesium Chloride.

Sourced from pristine Australian salt lakes, the formula has been perfected over years of research and trial & error to get the solution just right.

Mainly used by Massage Therapists and Physiotherapists, this size bottle will last for well over 24 months. Alternatively you can use to refill previously purchased Magnesium Oil spray bottles.


100% Organic Magnesium Chloride, water


Amazing Oils Magnesium Oil can be applied in various ways depending on the situation. Start sparingly and gradually build up as required:

Cramps: Rub onto cramp prone areas before & after activity
Joint Pain: Use all around joints, as well as on the tops of the feet before bed; do not exceed 5 times a day
Restless legs: Spray onto the legs and rub in for at least 30 seconds approximately 20 minutes before bed; do not wash your legs after applying for at least 30 minutes
Headaches: Rub into the base of skull, back of neck, temples and jaw
Sleep / Insomnia: Rub onto the tops of feet, heels and back of legs before bed
Stress: Spray & rub into your chest, tops of your feet and back of the legs
Sports: Spray on affected areas, rub in and allow to absorb

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