Amazing Oils Organic Magnesium Bath Flakes 800g
Amazing Oils

Amazing Oils Organic Magnesium Bath Flakes 800g

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Amazing Oils Magnesium Bath Flakes are made from pure, naturally occurring Magnesium Chloride. Organically sourced in Australia, the Magnesium Chloride found in these bath flakes is highly bio-available: about 5x more powerful than man-made Magnesium Sulfate, better known as Epson Salt.

Taking a warm bath in these Amazing Magnesium Flakes can help relax and unwind after a long day.

One 800g pack of Amazing Magnesium Bath Flakes should provide 10 full body soaks or 25 foot baths.


Pharmaceutical grade, naturally occurring Magnesium Chloride.


Bath: Add 1/2 -1 cup (or handful) in a regular bath, add to warm water. Increase quantity for intensive treatment or injuries.

Footbath: Add 2 - 4 Tbls per 10L footbath, increase as required.

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